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Vehicle Service Center

A state of the art full service automotive repair shop located in Germantown, WI - just minutes from Milwaukee and serving all of South-Eastern Wisconsin. Featuring eight service bays and servicing all makes & models, we can handle all of your repair needs at our convenient Germantown location.

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Racing Transmissions, Torque Converters, & Valvebodies

Home of Hipster's Brake transbrakes and a complete line of race & championship winning transmissions and torque converters. High performance for drag racing, off-road racing, circle track racing, & more!

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About ATD / Contact Us

Contact us today with any questions, to arrange service for your vehicle, get a quote, or place an order. You can also learn more about Automatic Transmission Design and our history.

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Plimptons Find More Success in September. Crushing records and taking home some cash.

(9/29/15) The father-son duo of Jim & Jimmy Plimpton go big with the Fearmont in September, setting two new records, a new personal best, one event win, and one event runner up... Continue Reading »

Jimmy Plimpton, Jr. at Byron MDRA image

Dorr Wins on Saturday: 2015 Super Stock Truck Class Champion. Gets fitted for another World Championship Ring.

(9/11/15) DORR Wins on Saturday: Super Stock Truck Class Champion and World Champion. Mitch Dorr headed to Crandon for the final weekend of racing of the Sportsman Off-Road Series supported by MORR with two goals in mind. Continue Reading »

Mitch Dorr Super Stock Truck Champion image

Keegan Kincaid Shatters Leduc's Pro 4 Win Streak with ATD Turbo 400. Leduc had 13 straight wins going into the last TORC Pro 4 race of the season at Crandon.

(9/6/15) Many said it couldn't be done - that an automatic couldn't dominate the manual transmissions in the Pro 4 class... Continue Reading »

Keegan Kincaid Pro 4 Win ATD image

Jimmy Plimpton, Jr. & "The Fearmont" Featured on Continued success brings the press.

(8/25/15) The father-son team of Jim & Jimmy Plimpton and their notorious X275 car, "The Fearmont," are known by many across the country... Continue Reading »

Jimmy Plimpton, Jr. Fearmont ATD image

Turbo 400 Close Ratio Gearsets. Reinventing the three speed automatic racing trans.

(7/1/15) The wait is over. Achieve ultra close Turbo 400 ratios that rival those of a manual transmission with a new close ratio gearset from ATD. Available in 1.66-1.34-1:1 or 1.60-1.31-1:1. Continue Reading »

Turbo 400 close ratio gearsets from ATD image

Michael Roemer & The Flying Pickle Featured on One hot Ultra Street S-10.

(6/1/15) "'The Flying Pickle', as it came to be known at last years’ Prize Fight, did all kinds of flying at this year’s edition..." Continue Reading »

Michael Roemer The Flying Pickle image

Automatic Transmission Design (ATD) is a full service automotive repair shop located in Germantown, WI - just minutes from Milwaukee.
ATD specializes in automatic and manual transmission repair & service, transfer case/four wheel drive repair, differentials/rear ends, and other drivetrain service. We also specialize in custom service for classic, collector, and custom cars.
If you can dream it, we can do it!

Automatic Transmission Design manufactures & builds high performance racing transmissions, torque converters, and valvebodies for drag racing, off-road racing, circle track racing, and more!
All of our racing torque converters are hand assembled by a trained technician in-house to match your specific engine and application needs.
Don't buy an off-the-shelf piece when you can have one custom built for you!

Automatic Transmission Design is proud to be a locally owned small business serving all of Southeastern Wisconsin, as well as national and international customers.